Daft Punk and Milla Jovovich
Photographer: Mathieu Cesar

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STUNNING!!  Peter Forister Photography captured a beautiful sight of the last Lunar Eclipse until 2025

This haunting photo, of a fly under the chin of a tiger beetle, scored 10th place in this year’s Small World 2022 Photomicrography Competition.

: Murat Öztürk


Vlad and Elly… sleeping together ;D

I really miss drawing these two.
If I find the time I’ll try to finish it as a holiday picture but  I doubt it, december has been super busy so far and it’s only gonna get busier.
Hope you enjoy, cheers! ;D

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and then they banged

// Dazzler Masterworks Vol. 1 | Amazing Spider-Man (1963) #203

Fluid and lights Everywhere

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“Cube Mesh - 221111”


Last Total Lunar Eclipse until 2025 © astrofalls